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Welcome to the Upper School- Barley Lane

Newbridge Upper School caters for pupils between the ages of 11 and 19.  Throughout the school pupils follow a highly differentiated and personalised curriculum which has been carefully designed to their academic and personal learning needs.  Pupils work on maximising communication, independence and key life skills in order to prepare them for life after school.  A variety of ASDAN programmes are used alongside the Upper School curriculum to enable pupils to work towards different accreditations as appropriate to their abilities.  There are frequent opportunities for community based learning in the local and wider community.  Inclusion opportunities are actively sought with neighbouring mainstream and special schools to enrich the school curriculum.  The school provides additional opportunities for developing social skills and learning in a different context through the extended school programme which includes lunchtime and after school clubs.  All these experiences contribute to engaging holistic learning activities which enable Newbridge pupils to enjoy and achieve in all that they do.


All Newbridge pupils are highly valued as part of their school community and ensuring they can achieve their potential to be independent, healthy and safe is a key priority for the school.  The curriculum, training we provide to staff, our policies and procedures, along with a culture of high aspirations for all, contribute to the success of this.  The emotional well-being of our pupils and staff is of upmost importance and the school works hard to ensure there are effective, multidisciplinary systems in place to support this.  Pupil voice is highly regarded throughout the school and all pupils are encouraged to contribute to the life of the school.


Newbridge School has a highly trained and skilled staff team who support the pupils during their time in school.  The school is very well resourced to meet the needs of pupils with complex learning and physical needs.  Class groups are organised into pupil groups of approximately 7 who are taught by a class teacher/tutor and supported by up to 4 learning support assistants.  We follow a multi-disciplinary approach meaning that specific and individual therapy interventions are built into everyday classroom practice so that all learning and care activities are planned and personalised to meet the needs of individual pupils.


We value all areas of a young person’s learning journey and believe it is essential for all pupils to achieve and experience success and celebration at levels which are relevant to their ability and stage of development.  Pupils learn about making healthy choices in a variety of contexts and participate in a range of physical activities including swimming and external events such as Panathlon. 


Whilst our learners are not likely to enter the world of employment, it is important they are taught the life skills required to enable them to be as independent as they can and take responsibility in different aspects such as managing their money and deciding what activities they would like to participate in where appropriate.  Our pupils leave school when they are 19 and preparation for this starts well in advance to ensure we can work with parents/carers and other professionals to identify and secure an appropriate post school placement.