Newbridge School

Upper School - Barley Lane 


Welcome to the Upper School- Barley Lane.

The Upper School caters for pupils between the ages of 12-19. The pupils at Key Stage 3 follow the   National Curriculum highly differentiated and personalised to meet their special educational needs.Our aim for the 14-19 year old students here is to develop their independence skills and prepare them for adult life through the ASDAN curriculum. We offer a wide range of learning activities, many of which are undertaken in the local and wider community. We also provide additional opportunities for fun and learning through our extended school programme which is offered at lunchtimes, after school and during the holidays.  All this adds up to an educational experience, which enables our students to enjoy and achieve in all that they do.

Upper School has a large number of teaching and support staff, skilled in working with students who have a range of special educational needs and an extensive range of teaching resources and specialist facilities. Students are based in a small group with a teacher or tutor and up to 4 Learning Support Assistants, who work closely with other professionals such as therapists and specialist peripatetic teachers to ensure that learning and care is personalised to the needs of each individual.

Ensuring our students stay safe is a priority for us and the training we provide to staff, the school curriculum and many of our policies and procedures are geared to ensure that this happens.

Encouraging our students to be healthy is an important part of our work and the ‘Healthy Schools’ status and the ‘Sportsmark/Activemark we have been awarded for our physical education provision show our commitment to this. The school based nurse who is oversees the medical and health needs of the children and young people in partnership with a range of other professionals who visit school on a regular basis.

We encourage our students to make a positive contribution to the school and the wider community. For example some may belong to the Student Council, which meets regularly to talk about school life and there are a number of events throughout the school year, when students help to raise money for good causes.

Whilst our learners are not likely to enter the world of employment, it is important they are taught about achieving economic well –being and we are able to do this through a programme of work awareness/experience and encouraging students to be responsible for their own money whenever possible.

Our students leave school when they are 19 and preparation for this starts well in advance to ensure we can work with parents/carers and other professionals to identify and secure an appropriate post school placement.