Newbridge School

Lower School- Gresham Drive 

What We Do

What We Have

Welcome to the Lower School at  Gresham Drive 

We cater for pupils between the ages of 2 and 11 years of age and provide a full range of highly differentiated and personalised classroom activities based on either the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (for pupils under the age of 5) or primary aged Curriculum, enabling all our pupils to enjoy and achieve throughout their time with us. Learning opportunities in the local community are also provided, particularly as the students get older. These include sessions in the local swimming pool, pony riding at a specialist riding school and trips to the Local Authority Drama Centre. There is also a varied programme of lunchtime clubs for older pupils and opportunities to take part in after school and holiday activities.

Lower School has a large number of teaching and support staff, skilled in working with pupils who have a range of special educational needs and an extensive range of teaching resources and specialist facilities. Pupils are based in a small class group with a teacher and a minimum  3 Learning Support Assistants, who work closely with other professionals such as therapists and specialist peripatetic teachers to ensure that learning and care is personalised to the needs of each individual.

Ensuring our pupils stay safe is a priority for us and the training we provide to staff, the school curriculum and many of our policies and procedures are very much geared to ensure that this happens.

Encouraging our pupils to be healthy is an important part of our work and the ‘Healthy Schools’ status and the ‘Sportsmark’/’Activemark’ we have been awarded for our physical education provision show our commitment to this. The school based nurse oversees the medical and health needs of the children and young people in partnership with a range of other professionals who visit school on a regular basis.

We encourage our pupils to make a positive contribution to the school and the wider community. For example, pupils will be involved in a number of projects such as recycling initiatives and there are a number of events held at school throughout the year, when pupils help to raise money for good causes.

Pupils attending the lower school at Gresham Drive  usually move to the upper school at Barley Lane at the end of Year 6 and a well-planned transition programme is put into place in the summer term prior to transfer.

  1. Parents and carers are invited to a coffee morning at Barley Lane when staff from both schools offer a tour of the site, provide detailed information on the transition programme and answer any questions or concerns.
  2. Staff from Barley Lane visit Gresham Drive to see the pupils who are due to transfer in their classes and start to learn about their specific individual needs.
  3. Staff from Gresham Drive visit Barley Lane to provide support, advice and information on pupils.
  4. Other professionals such as the therapists and school nurses meet to discuss the needs of the pupils transferring from one campus to the other.
  5. Pupils spend regular sessions at Barley Lane to start to become familiar with their new surroundings.